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Cuddledry Products

Loved by thousands and the winner of over 40 awards, it’s the Cuddledry towel parents buy for their precious babies, or that families and friends buy as a thoughtful and special gift. 

Out of the bath and into your arms, in the cuddliest, most natural way possible. The Cuddlydry towl is worn like an apron, keeping you dry and leaving both hands free to lift your baby from the water. Put its hood on the baby’s head, and they are instantly snuggled into a wonderfully warm and soft double layer of gorgeous bamboo and pure cotton, and you can give them a lovely cuddle without getting wet. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it brings you and your baby even closer together.

What started with the original Cuddlydry towl has now become bigger, with more Cuddlydry products. Now to be found here too!