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Naturkind pram

Thanks to Tatiana to send us her review about the Naturkind pram.

Why would you recommend the Naturkind pram to a friend/fellow mum?

Absolutely recommendable! Naturkind is only non-toxic pram I was able to find on European market (based on German Oeko-test all other prams tested got either 'bad' or 'very bad' in terms of toxicity), it is beautifully made and visually appealing. Moreover, is is spacious for the baby and easy to maneuver.  

How does the Naturkind pram make your life easier as a mum?

Two parts here: mom's comfort and baby's comfort :-) 

For mom: First of all I have more peace of mind as I know my baby is not touching or inhaling potentially toxic substances.  It's very easy in terms of riding and maneuvering on different surfaces, the handles made of cork are warm and pleasant. I like a lot the spacious shopping basket in the model I have.

For baby: The pram is very spacious, so can fit well also for bigger or longer babies. For me it is important that in stroller version I can put my baby completely horizontally to have a comfortable sleep, that was not the case with the pram I've had before. I like that there is a good choice of handy but also stylish accessories to the pram, the rain cover works fantastic, seat cover is a good thing as well, especially for the winter.

If you could change one thing about the pram what would it be?

I would change two things: the mechanism that allows to put the stroller seat to the horizontal position doesn't always work well from first time, which can be annoying; easier and more reliable mechanism would be a clear improvement. Second thing, I would appreciate having the pram in lighter colors as in summer that would stay cooler.


Thanks to Catalina who has send us her reviews and lovely pictures of her son in on of the Naturkind pram :-)

Why would you recommend the Naturkind pram to a friend/fellow mum?

It’s amazing to know that your baby is surrounded by organic materials, when it is often difficult to control what they are exposed to it brings so much comfort to find safe alternatives.

How does the Naturkind pram make your life easier as a mum?

I got the pneumatic tires and they truly are all terrain, making our walks dynamic and exciting for both of us. The carrier portion was great when he was smaller, he would peacefully sleep in it if we went out to a restaurant.

If you could change one thing about the pram what would it be?

It definitely requires a car with a larger trunk space, but can also be separated into two pieces making it a bit more compact. It is not small by any means, but I wouldn’t choose any other stroller.



Dear Naturkind team!

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent stroller, our son feels very well and safe when we're on the go and we're looking forward to transforming it into a buggy as soon as he's able to sit on his own, and we're especially looking forward to winter to see whether it will be just as warm and cozy, our son is now 6 months old and you can see by looking at the pictures how big he has alreadygotten and we are veeeery thankful that your stroller is so long, otherwise he wouldn't fit into it any longer!


Dear Naturkind team! 

I would like to say thank you for your amazing Varius stroller that has been making life much easier for us over the past few months because it is easy to handle.


We received the stroller and are overjoyed to find that, for the first time, our son slept deeply for several hours!!!!

All of our children have neurodermititis and cannot tolerate most matierals, including Pampers, they can only use cloth diapers and we also have to pay attention to their diet.....Too bad that we didn't know about your wonderful stroller earlier, we could have spared our children a lot of pain and sleepless nights, as our youngest one can only sleep through the night in the soft carrycot!, no more sweating, like with the other fur we bought –  we were wondering why he was sweating even though we were using sheepskin and he also got a rash.....he is calm and balanced....simply wonderful.

Many greetings from Styria!


Because we have a dog, we wanted a stroller for our child that that is all-terrain and healthy at the same time. We came across Naturkind by chance and knew right away: we wanted that stroller! And … We're really happy! What's more, being a materials engineer, I was suprised and happy that products with such great quality and natural materials still exist.


We are absolutely thrilled with Varius! He's light and very flexible, and folding him is a piece of cake. The shopping basket is very spacious and especially the large hard carrycot is ideal for our daughter who never feels  cramped in it and can try out different lying positions. The workmanship is very good, you simply have a good feeling if you know that your child is surrounded by controlled materials!

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