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Varius Pro Kornblume

Varius Pro Kornblume

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Shipping time:  6- 8 weeks (made to order)

* Free Raincover & Mosquito Net included
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without (only Buggy)
with carry cot, in design of the pram (+ £180)
with Baby Basket, in design of the pram ( + £225)
pneumatic wheel (air wheel)
Comfort wheel plus + £10

670,00 £

Varius Pro - Freedom… Every Day!

Naturkind Varius Pro is our trendy all-rounder. With all the tried and tested strengths and advantages that made its forerunner Varius so popular among discerning parents. It offers families that love versatility the necessary manoeuvrability to explore the urban jungle, in addition to featuring great stability and ground contact during outdoor trips.

Whether it be for daily outings or a longer trip. With Varius Pro, your little one is always sporty while on the go. Freedom galore!


Product characteristics

  • extremely light, robust almuninium Frame

  • supporting parts made of high-quality Cr-Mo alloys

  • removable & turnable seating unit

  • small pack size

  • height-adjustable steering arm

  • both swivelling wheels with directional lock

  • fall out protection

  • adjustable suspension (soft/hard)

  • large shopping basket

  • 4-fold adjustable backrest & adjustable foot part

  • ball-bearing mounted wheels to ensure smooth running

Technical details:

aluminium frame: 8,2 kg 
sport stroller attachment: 5,3 kg 

pack size (l × w × h in cm): 
aluminium frame: 96 × 59 × 46 
sport stroller attachment: 72 × 45 × 26 
frame with sport stroller attachment: 96 × 59 × 53 

distance wheel – wheel (external):
length: 82 cm, width: 59 cm

lying surface: length: 88 cm, width: 32 cm
distance lying surface to ground: 52 cm 
height of steering arm: 71 cm to 116 cm

wheel sizes: 
standard: light PE-air-chamber-wheels
optional: pneumatic wheel, comfort wheel plus

Here are the differences between all the wheels:

Standard PE-air-chamber-wheel: 

  • is suitable for all territory

  • no maintenance needed

  • it is more harder than the other wheels

Pneumatic wheel (air wheel)

  • running smoothly

  • suitable for all territory

  • wheel construction is like a cycle wheel

  • needs maintenance ( measuring air pressure regularly, pressure needs to be between 0,4 - 0,7 bar)

  • it is more prone to punctures


left: standard wheel, right: pneutamic 

Comfort Plus wheel:

  • internal air chambers

  • running smoothly

  • suitable for all territory

  • no maintenance needed

  • really safe against punctures

Carry Cot:

  • length: 82 cm 

  • width: 34 cm

  • inside area:
    length 73 cm

    width 31 cm 

Baby Basket:

  • length: 84 cm 

  • width: 44 cm 

  • inward area:
    length 77 cm

    width 39 cm

Baby Basket XL:

only avaialble in dark grey, dark blue and black. If you wish to order the XL Baby basket instead of the standard one, please order it here: http://myfamilyshop.eu/en/accessories/833-naturkind-baby-basket-for-varius-or-vita.html


XL option in picture right 

  • length: 100 cm 

  • width: 44 cm 

  • inward area:
    length 98 cm

    width 39 cm

Materials used:

  • cotton fabrics from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)

  • 100% pure organic virgin sheep's wool(kbT) as filling material

  • 100% pure organic cotton (kbA)

  • coco-latex (Öko-Test 100 certificate) for the mattress

  • wood to reinforce the back and seat part

  • cork as heat insulation on the entire seat and lying surface

Designs & Accessories

Varius is available in many great fabric designs, with practical, chic accessories like a diaper bag, umbrella, seat cover, footmuff & co. 


Naturkind review

Why would you recommend the Naturkind pram to a friend/fellow mum?

Naturkind pram is your choice, if you prefer natural and non-toxic materials and a pram that is made in the EU and not in China. The pram is easy and comfortable to use, both usparents love it and our baby does, too.

How does the Naturkind pram make your life easier as a mum/dad?

Naturkind's Varius pram is for city dwellers, like us, who have less space (e.g. live in a small apartment), use public transportation and prefer a comfortable ride for your baby, no matter what the terrain is. We especially love the design and the comfort wheels!

If you could change one thing about the pram what would it be?

The hard baby cot could ideally fit a baby larger than 9+ kg, without having to buy the XL version. Our son is soon 8.5kg and he is only 3.5 months old.

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Varius Pro Kornblume

Varius Pro Kornblume

Shipping time:  6- 8 weeks (made to order)

* Free Raincover & Mosquito Net included
* Free Shipping

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